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Melbourne’s first store NOW OPEN – Fully Licensed, EAT IN or TAKE AWAY

O’Grill – Melbourne’s first store is bursting with the lavish use of saffron, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, parsley, oregano, fresh chilies, peppers and lemon juice; further enhancing the natural flavour of your favourite ‘Flame Grilled Chicken n Burgers’

As in Spainish cuisine, our vegetables and herbs as well as our chicken will be sourced daily, fresh from local suppliers, with 100% FRESH guarantee.

The difference at O'Grill is - We do not assemble food you order, we make it after you order - so you get it real fresh..!

the BEST in 
Chicken & Beef Burgers, Wraps and Salads -

You've got to try it. In fact we strongly believe you owe it to yourself...
See you soon!

The wait is over - NOW SERVING - HOT BEEF BURGERS!

Carry your Loved Ones on the O’Grill Chicken voyage with the Rooster song

In Mexico and Spain, it is believed that when the Sun shines for another day and the splendid Rooster crows over a barnyard! ‘Ultreya!’ – it signifies "Upward and onward".

The Rooster is the Herald of the new day! The gifted Rooster never fails to accurately prophesy that night is almost over.

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